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Fake it yourself, il ritorno: crauti! (astenersi puristi) March 2010


Chi sono? March 2010


Le cucine degli altri March 2010


Sudafrica, la terra della cucina arcobaleno March 2010


Hello everyone! I hope you spent a great Christmas and great winter holidays as I did.  I spent some days at the seaside and relaxed a lot,  since the last half of 2010  has been a very busy, busy time. That’s also the reason I didn’t update the blog for the last er… let’s say, six months?

Firstly, I took an internship at Volumina, a Turin-based communication and graphics agency this summer and it was an awarding experience. Not only I’ve learned some tricks of the trade but  I  also made great friends on the workplace and had the chance to know more about culture and history of my area,  since the main task of Volumina is promoting cultural events at the Royal Palace in Venaria Reale. If you’re interested, you can take a look to their website (which I partly renewed this summer).

After that, I worked hard on the internship essay and studied frantically in order to pass the last exam until the bachelor, which was, no need to say, a huge FAIL. 😦

Now I’m following a Blender group project and jeez, that’s addictive, I could spend hours in front of the screen tweaking little vertexes, as 3D-modeling is definitely my dream job. We should end up with a close replica of a real life baroque tiny room and then use it as the background of a game;  it’s an ambitious project with tight deadlines, but that makes me even more determined. Here’s a sneak peak of part of the ceiling (please note it’s a low-vert mesh):

*brags* *brags* *brags*

So, I assume I’ll be pretty messed up until roughly february (which is when our deadline is).

In the new year intention list one of the the points was “writing some friggin’ post for my blog“, but I’m afraid I won’t be be able to do it until some time, ‘cause I want to follow each step and give you my actual experience and tips about the dishes instead of simply redirecting to a recipe repository ad I did when I started this blog for an academic project. We were asked to pick an issue which could be everything, from criminal profiling to indie music and political satire, and start a theme blog about that. I choose cooking, but I didn’t want this blog to be just another plain boring site with no twist, so I ended up with the idea of explaining uncommon taste and food traditions. Despite that, having to post at least 4 entries per week, the whole thing was quite shabby and, er… “basic”.

I was tempted to shutdown Le cucine degli altri for ever, but every now and then I saw the WP stats and noticed that lots of people from all over the world searched for ethnic food recipes or trivia about romanian culture and stuff, so that gave me the reason for a fresh start of this space, with a whole lot of changes 😀

First of all, I’m gonna publish entries both in english and italian, in order to meet a larger audience. I was a bit reluctant at first, as my english is a bit flawed by  mothertongue idioms, but this could be a good occasion for improving my skills. I hope in some months I’ll be able to write without checking every now and then words on WordReference (LOL!).  As you like it, I could also write in french, and, if I’m very, very, very courageous (or drunk) I could even write down some lines in romanian :).

The second and not less important change is a series of posts aimed to explain to foreigners how REAL italian food is prepared. No more sticky pasta or  dairy-clogged carbonaras ;P with me. I’ll talk about exactly about what goes on in my kitchen usually, and by extension, in the other kitchens of the Peninsula (quite ambitious, yep).

The last but not least change, and which I’m not sure of, is the arrival of a new room for my other great passion: graphics. I’d like to discuss now and then artists that I like, 2d and 3d software, news and common issues… Let’s assume I’ve built a virtual kitchen, now i feel like it’s high time to add a virtual workroom, and, as in the last weeks i developed an insane passion for nail art and stamping, (I guess this lovely girl and her manis are to blame, LOL) maybe also a virtual nailpolish stash 😀

So, I’d like to tell you brb, and thank you for all the support and comments you gave me. I hope 2011 will be a great year for you all.


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